Write for Us

Hey there, music enthusiasts and wordsmiths!

First off all, a huge shoutout to our incredible community that keeps the melodies playing on Sounds of the Cities. Your support means the world to us!

As a token of our appreciation, we’re opening our stage for you to share your musical musings through articles. However, like any good harmony, we’ve got some notes to follow.

Article Guidelines

1. Uniqueness is Our Jam

We’re all about the groove that comes with originality. Only send us articles that are as unique as the beats we feature. If it’s related to music, songs, singers, or anything that harmonizes with our themes, hit us up!

2. Purposeful Melodies

Your articles should be more than just notes on a page. We’re looking for content that answers questions, provides insights, and entertains. Let’s make each piece a memorable composition for our readers.

3. No Advertisements, Please

This stage is for the love of music, not promotions. Keep it clean from product pitches, organization plugs, or political party talks. Let’s maintain the rhythm of engaging and informative content.

4. Credible Tunes

If you’re referencing sources, make sure they’re as trustworthy as a classic vinyl record.

5. All About that Original Score

To avoid any copyright dissonance, ensure your piece is 100% original. All articles will be checked by using Copyscape.

6. On Theme or Off, Let’s Discuss

While we usually groove to the theme of music, we’re open to discussions and suggestions. If you have a fantastic idea slightly off the beat, share it with us. Let’s see if we can create a unique harmony together.

How to Share Your Musical Wisdom

Feel the rhythm of your fingers on the keyboard? If you’ve got an article that hits all the right notes, share it with us at admin@soundsofthecities.com . We can’t wait to read your musical masterpieces!

For those whose articles grace our stage, expect the applause you deserve. We’ll feature your name as the author and link to your social media or website.

For any questions or to jam about your ideas, drop us a line at admin@soundsofthecities.com. We’re here to listen and create something extraordinary together!