Sunrise Songs for Instagram Story

The first rays of sunlight kiss the horizon, painting the sky in a breathtaking tapestry of hues. A fresh breeze whispers through the trees, and the world awakens with a renewed sense of possibility. It’s a moment of quiet magic, perfectly captured in a stunning Instagram story. But what elevates your sunrise snapshot from ordinary to extraordinary? The answer lies in the soundtrack, a song that resonates with the beauty and hope of a new day.

So, ditch the generic filters and generic tunes! Let’s explore a collection of 20 sunrise songs for Instagram story. From the calming melodies of nature to the upbeat anthems that ignite your spirit, we have something for every mood and aesthetic. Get ready to shine brighter than the sunrise itself, with the perfect song by your side!

1. “Golden Hour” by JVKE

Released year: 2022

Golden Hour by JVKE is a sun-soaked love song that captures the magic of a stolen moment.

Two lovers, lost in the glow of sunset, cruise with the windows down, the radio blasting, and the world fading away. The lyrics paint a picture of carefree bliss, with playful details like glitter skin and “solar power” smiles. The chorus, “It’s your golden hour, you slow down time,” perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being suspended in perfect harmony.

This song is the perfect sunrise song for your Instagram story because it evokes that same sense of new beginnings, hope, and the promise of a beautiful day ahead. It’s a reminder to cherish the simple moments and the people who make them shine.

2. “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles

Released year: 1969

“Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles is more than just a catchy melody; it’s a joyous anthem to optimism and new beginnings. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of winter’s chill giving way to the warmth of sunshine, both literally and metaphorically. The repetitive chorus, “Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo,” evokes a sense of anticipation and joy as the sun peeks over the horizon.

The song’s message resonates deeply with the experience of a sunrise. Just as the sun melts away the darkness, the lyrics speak of shedding the burdens of the past and embracing a brighter future. The lines, “Little darlin’, the smile’s returning to their faces,” perfectly capture the feeling of hope and renewal associated with a new day.

This is precisely why “Here Comes the Sun” makes for the perfect soundtrack to an Instagram story about a sunrise. The uplifting melody and hopeful message perfectly complement the visuals of the rising sun, creating a truly inspiring and shareable moment. So, next time you capture the beauty of a new dawn, let the timeless optimism of “Here Comes the Sun” elevate your story.

3. “Colors” by Black Pumas

Released year: 2019

“Colors” by Black Pumas is a soulful ode to the beauty of a new day, celebrating nature’s palette and the joy of connection. The singer starts with a calming blue sky, then walks through a vibrant green meadow, heading towards town with a sense of style and purpose. The lyrics shift to highlight the unique way he sees his loved ones, like “favorite colors” shining brightly.

The song builds to a hopeful crescendo, envisioning a joyful journey together, no matter the clouds or walls ahead. It’s a perfect sunrise song for your Instagram story because it captures the optimism and vibrancy of a fresh start, reminding you to appreciate the simple beauty around you and the connections that make life richer.

4. “Sunrise” by Norah Jones

Released year: 2004

Norah Jones’ “Sunrise” paints a picture of a slow morning spent with someone special. The lyrics playfully contrast the rising sun with a couple’s late-night slumber, suggesting time has lost its meaning. The “ooh, ooh, ooh” chorus adds a dreamy, intimate feel, while lines like “surprise, surprise / never something I could hide” hint at shared secrets and unspoken emotions.

This song is perfect for an Instagram story because it captures the cozy, intimate vibe of a sunrise spent with loved ones. The gentle melody and relatable lyrics are sure to resonate with anyone who cherishes those quiet moments after a long night.

5. “Wash” by Bon Iver

Released year: 2011

“Wash” by Bon Iver is a poignant journey from frozen isolation to shared joy.

The lyrics evoke a sense of struggle, like climbing on hard ground, contrasted by the hope of thawing and growth. The song builds to a powerful release, with cries of “home” and “we finally cry,” suggesting a cathartic break from loneliness. The final lines depict healing and connection, with “sewing” and “un-peeling” imagery.

This introspective yet uplifting message, paired with its gentle melody, makes “Wash” a perfect sunrise song for your Instagram story. It captures the beauty of new beginnings and the power of shared vulnerability.

6. “Cayendo (Side A – Acoustic)” by Frank Ocean

Released year: 2019

“Cayendo (Side A – Acoustic)” by Frank Ocean is a melancholic ballad about enduring love and self-doubt.

The lyrics paint a picture of a relationship on the brink, where the singer grapples with conflicting emotions. Despite the heartbreak, a glimmer of hope remains, as the singer questions if his love is strong enough to overcome the challenges he faces.

The acoustic rendition adds a layer of vulnerability and intimacy, making it a perfect sunrise song for an Instagram story. As the first light of day peeks through, the song’s introspective lyrics can resonate with anyone who has ever questioned the strength of their own love.

7. “Anchor” by Novo Amor

Released year: 2017

Novo Amor’s “Anchor” is a melancholic ballad about love, loss, and the bittersweet acceptance of letting go. The song paints a picture of a relationship that has run its course, with lyrics like “Took the breath from my open mouth / Never known how it broke me down” and “I hear your ship is comin’ in / Your tears a sea for me to swim.” However, despite the sadness, there’s a glimmer of hope in the chorus, where the singer pleads for their love to “Anchor up to me.”

This emotional rollercoaster makes “Anchor” the perfect song for an Instagram story sunrise. As the sun rises, symbolizing a new beginning, the lyrics resonate with the feeling of letting go of the past and embracing the future, even if it’s filled with uncertainty.

8. “Grow” by Conan Gray

Released year: 2023

Conan Gray’s “Grow” is an anthem for embracing personal growth and newfound freedom.

The song opens with the narrator feeling overwhelmed by the passage of time, but soon finds solace in the electrifying energy of change. Memories and laughter intertwine with the excitement of what lies ahead, symbolized by the emerald life before them. The chorus, “Grow, to grow, to grow,” becomes a mantra of self-acceptance and the courage to step into the unknown. With “pure reality” dawning, the narrator embraces the journey, finding comfort in the company of a loved one.

“Grow” is the perfect sunrise song for your Instagram story because it captures the hopeful anticipation of a new day, urging you to seize the opportunities for growth and personal transformation that lie ahead.

9. “Pretty Girl” by Clairo

Released year: 2019

Clairo’s “Pretty Girl” is a bittersweet reflection on a lost love. It opens with a faded memory, a Polaroid capturing a carefree moment, juxtaposed with the singer’s present loneliness. The yearning for the past intertwines with self-doubt, expressed through lines like “I could be a pretty girl / I’ll wear a skirt for you.” This vulnerability is balanced by newfound strength, as she declares independence from negativity and embraces self-discovery.

This song is perfect for an Instagram story sunrise because it captures the delicate balance between nostalgia and new beginnings. The lyrics resonate with the quiet contemplation of a new day, while the hopeful melody offers a sense of optimism. It’s a beautiful reminder that even after heartbreak, personal growth and brighter days lie ahead.

10. “Golden Hour” by Kacey Musgraves

Released year: 2018

“Golden Hour” by Kacey Musgraves isn’t just a song, it’s a sunrise serenade. Bathed in warm optimism, it paints a picture of finding love at the perfect moment. With lyrics like “you caught me at the right time,” it captures that feeling of perfect alignment, where everything feels golden.

The song beautifully transitions from past loneliness to newfound joy, thanks to a love that “sets the world on fire.” It whispers hope, assuring “everything’s gonna be alright,” a sentiment perfectly suited to a new day dawning.

More than just lyrics, the melody itself evokes a sense of lightness and warmth, mirroring the sunrise hues. It’s no wonder this song is perfect for an Instagram story – it’s a celebration of new beginnings, painted in the colors of a hopeful horizon.

So, as the sun peeks over the horizon, let “Golden Hour” be your soundtrack, a reminder that the best light is yet to come.

11. “quiet motions” by mxmtoon

Released year: 2020

“quiet motions” by mxmtoon is a soft, introspective ballad that finds solace in solitude.

Opening with a calming contrast of warmth and coldness, the song encourages deep breaths and acceptance of vulnerability. The lyrics celebrate the quiet moments of self-reflection, finding comfort in the silence and privacy that walls offer.

While acknowledging the passage of time, the song emphasizes the importance of letting go and starting anew each day. The gentle repetition of “Isn’t it nice?” creates a sense of peaceful affirmation, making this a perfect sunrise song for your Instagram story.

With its introspective lyrics and calming melody, “quiet motions” sets a gentle and reflective tone for your morning, reminding you to appreciate the simple beauty of quiet moments.

12. “high & dry” by mxmtoon

Released year: 2019

“high & dry” by mxmtoon is a defiant anthem for reclaiming your power. The song starts with the singer confronting a toxic friend who uses hurtful words and veiled threats. Despite past attempts to make things work, the singer refuses to be a pushover anymore.

With lyrics like “Oh me, oh my, Karma’s got you high and dry” and “Don’t come for me, I’ll fight right back,” the song builds to a powerful declaration of self-worth. This makes it a perfect sunrise song for your Instagram story, as the rising sun symbolizes a new beginning and leaving negativity behind. The upbeat tempo and empowering message will set an optimistic tone for your day.

13. “mirrorball” by Taylor Swift

Released year: 2020

Taylor Swift’s “mirrorball” is a self-reflective pop anthem about embracing your flaws and putting yourself out there, even when it feels risky. The lyrics paint a picture of a performer who transforms into different versions of herself to please the audience, but ultimately finds solace in being herself for the one she loves.

This song is a perfect sunrise song for your Instagram story because it’s about finding your own light and owning your individuality, just as the sun rises each morning. The hopeful and empowering message is sure to resonate with your followers as they start their day. Plus, the catchy melody and upbeat tempo will make your story even more engaging.

14. “Outro” by M83

Released year: 2011

Outro by M83 is an empowering anthem that celebrates self-belief and perseverance. The song opens with the declaration “I’m the king of my own land,” setting a tone of confidence and determination. The lyrics then speak of facing challenges (“tempests of dust”) but never giving up (“fight until the end”). The chorus is a call to action, inviting the listener to “raise up and dance with me” and embrace the new day. The song ends with a powerful declaration of self-assurance: “I’m your king.”

This song is a perfect sunrise song for your Instagram story because of its uplifting lyrics and triumphant melody. The lyrics capture the feeling of a new day dawning, and the melody is sure to put a smile on your face. The song’s message of hope and inspiration is also a great way to start your day.

15. “Golden” by Harry Styles

Released year: 2019

Harry Styles’ “Golden” is a bittersweet ode to a love so bright it feels unsustainable. The lyrics oscillate between yearning for the warmth and hope this love brings (“Golden, golden, golden”) and acknowledging the fear of heartbreak (“I know you’re scared / Because hearts get broken”).

The catchy melody and sun-kissed imagery evoke the feeling of a brand new day, making it perfect for an Instagram story soundtrack. It captures the intoxicating mix of hope and vulnerability we experience when falling in love, reminding us that even though love might fade, the beauty of its existence remains.

16. “Sunroof” by Nicky Youre and dazy

Released year: 2022

“Sunroof” by Nicky Youre and dazy is a summery anthem bursting with carefree joy and infatuation. Cruising with the sunroof down, blasting favorite tunes, the song captures that irresistible feeling of being head-over-heels. Filled with catchy lyrics and an infectious melody, it’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

But it’s the yearning and excitement that make it perfect for an Instagram story at sunrise. Picture this: golden light floods the horizon, mirroring the song’s optimistic vibe. The lyrics about dancing in bed and wanting to “give myself to you” whisper of hidden possibilities as a new day dawns. It’s an invitation to embrace the day’s potential, fueled by the exhilarating energy of love’s start.

So hit play, roll down your metaphorical windows, and let “Sunroof” paint your sunrise story with the vibrant colors of possibility.

17. “Those Eyes” by New West

Released year: 2023

“Those Eyes” by New West is a love song celebrating the little moments that make a connection special. From shared laughter in a crowd to stolen touches in the back of a car, the lyrics paint a picture of intimacy built on everyday gestures. The chorus emphasizes the power of these “small things” to rekindle the spark and ease the pang of missing someone.

Filled with warmth and nostalgia, the song’s gentle melody and hopeful message make it a perfect soundtrack for an Instagram story celebrating love’s simple joys, especially as the sun paints the sky with new beginnings.

18. “Sunrise” by Our Last Night

Released year: 2013

“Sunrise” by Our Last Night confronts despair with a powerful message of resilience. The lyrics paint a picture of emotional turmoil and yearning for a brighter future. However, amidst the darkness, a beacon of hope emerges – the sunrise. It becomes a metaphor for overcoming struggles and the unwavering will to make a difference.

The songtransitions from feelings of isolation and pain to determination and collective action. The repeated refrain, “You can make it to the sunrise,” serves as a powerful mantra, urging listeners to persevere. This message resonates perfectly with the symbolism of a new day dawning, making it an ideal anthem for Instagram stories.

By sharing this song, you can inspire others facing challenges and spread a message of hope and strength. The evocative lyrics paired with the uplifting melody create a powerful combination that will resonate with your audience. So let “Sunrise” soundtrack your Instagram story and illuminate the path towards a brighter tomorrow.

19. “Sunrise” by Darren Kiely

Released year: 2023

“Sunrise” by Darren Kiely is a poignant reflection on the struggles and hopes one faces amidst the darkness of life’s challenges. Through introspective lyrics, the song captures the paradox of feeling drawn to the depths of despair while yearning for the light of hope represented by the sunrise. With phrases like “Waiting on a sunrise” and “Still searching for a sunrise,” Kiely evokes a sense of longing and perseverance, echoing the universal human experience of seeking redemption and renewal.

The song’s thematic exploration of perseverance amidst adversity, coupled with its catchy melody, makes it a perfect sunrise song for an Instagram story, offering a poignant soundtrack to accompany moments of reflection, hope, and determination as one faces the dawn of a new day.


Released year: 2021

MICHELLE’s “SUNRISE” is a bittersweet anthem for breaking free from unrequited love.

The lyrics paint a picture of longing for someone who only offered fleeting moments of joy, comparing them to a “setting sun.” Yet, despite the heartache, there’s a flicker of hope. The chorus, “I just took too long to see beyond,” signifies growth and a determination to rise above the past.

This song is perfect for an Instagram story because it captures the universal experience of moving on from someone who wasn’t meant to be. The message of self-discovery and resilience resonates with listeners looking to share their own journey of personal growth.

Sunrise Songs for Instagram Story, Final Thoughts

From upbeat anthems to introspective ballads, this diverse collection of 20 sunrise songs for Instagram story offers the perfect soundtrack to elevate your Instagram story and capture the magic of a new day dawning. Whether you crave a burst of energy or a moment of quiet reflection, there’s a song here to resonate with your unique experience.

Remember, the best sunrise stories are personal, so add your own flair and creativity. Experiment with different angles, filters, and editing techniques to make your story stand out. And most importantly, have fun!

But the sun doesn’t shine all day, and sometimes the weather throws unexpected curveballs. Want to explore songs that capture the full spectrum of weather, from gentle rain showers to powerful thunderstorms? Then head over to our next article, “Songs About The Weather”, where you’ll discover tunes that perfectly complement your Instagram stories, no matter what the forecast throws your way!